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songs & sounds

zwischen liedern und klangkunst mit neuer musik von felix kubin, jérôme noetinger, monkey plot, stian westerhus, jason sharp, jemh circs und anderen tracks von glenn jones, sam amidon, tom waits, kid koala u.v.m....



01.A BLAST AT BEST - Jason Sharp (A Boat Upon Its Blood) - Constellation Records

02.COLD WEATHER IS BACK - The Ex (Catch My Shoe)

03.ORDRE - Jemh Circs (Jemh Circs) - Cellule

04.SAG DU ZU MIR - Hupfeld Symphony Jazz Orchestra, ca.1926 (Oldtime Music aus Siegfrieds mechanischem Musikkabinett)

05.A MODEST PEACH CAN - Monkey Plot (Here I Sit Knowing All Of This) - Hubro

06.EMPERORS MAIN COURSE - Kid Koala (Experors Main Course In Cantonese)

07.NEW BULGARIA - N.M.O. (Nordic Mediterranean Organization (Numerous Miscommunications Occur) - Diagonal Records

08.AMPUTATION / INFECTIOUS DECAY - Stian Westerhus (Amputation) - House Of Mythology

09.OBJECTS-INTERIORS - James O’Callaghan (Espaces Tautologiques) - Digitales

10.CRY, WANT - Jimmy Giuffre (1962)

11.ZIU - Gintas K (Low) - Opa Loka Records

12.THE GREAT PACIFIC NORTH WEST - Glenn Jones (The Waiting)

13.SZTYLET - Felix Kubin und das Mineralorchester - II - (Music for Film and Theatre) - Dekorder

14.DEAD MEAT - Mariam The Believer (Blood Donation)

15.INTO THE SILENCE - Teruyuki Nobuchika (Still Air) - Oktaf

16.NOT REALLY HERE AT ALL - Dead Western (Suckle At The Supple Teats Of Time)

17.DARK SKY, WHITE WATER - Resina (Resina) - 130701

18..SIDE A (Excerpt) - Jérôme Noetinger & SEC_ (Testacoda)

19.URBAN DIALOGUE (Excerpt) - Tamtam (Urban Dialogue) - Crónica

20.OH WHERE - Sam Amidon (But This Chicken Proved Falsehearted)

21.PLEATS - Great Waitress (Hue) - Another Dark Age

22.CLOSING TIME - Tom Waits (Closing Time)

23.SIDE B - Manuel Knapp (Azoth) - Ventil Records