Sendung vom 07.06.2016 (22:00 - 00:00 Uhr)

Elektro-Akustik Densed!

DIe neuesten Scheiben auf dem elektro-akustischen Sektor.

Von den Labels: Room40, Touch, SubRosa, Editions Mego, DIGITALes und und und...

Satt volle 120 Minuten von Künstlern wie David Shea, Hans Tammen, Frank Benkho, Jonty Harrison, Lawrence English, Oren Ambarchi...


1.S200729 - Pita (Get In) - Editions Mego
02.POSTLUDE FROM MUSIC FOR A SACRED SERVICE - Bülent Arel (Anthology Of Turkish Experimental Music) - Sub Rosa
03.VIEW - Klara Lewis (Too) - Editions Mego
04.HUNGRY BEARS DON’T DANCE - The Dwarfs Of East Agouza (Bes) - Nawa Recordings
05.BEGIN TO UNDERSTAND - Rob(u)rang (Ofò) - Sub Rosa
06.FANFARE FROM THE RESONATING CONCRETE ENTRANCE - Jonathan Uliel Saldanha (Tunnel Vision) - Silo Rumor
07.SUITE N - Jean Schwarz (Erda / Suite N) - Recollections GRM
08.SHAKIN’ - Yannis Kyriakides with Slagwerk Den Haag & Silbersee (Lunch Music) - Unsounds
09.ATTACK STUDY - Hans Tammen (Deus Ex Machina) - Clang
10.X-ONE - Ulrich Mitzlaff (X-Run-4-Prismatique) - Crónica
11.ESCAPE TO PLANET MARS - Frank Benkho (A Trip To Space (Between)) - Clang
12.PHOTON SPHERE - Amp Studio (Uncertainty Principles) - Ambase
13.SUITE PT.1 - David Shea (Piano) - Room40
14.DIOBAIG - Claire M Singer (Solas) - Touch
15.THE FEAR TO TOUCH THE SAND - Celer (Two Days And One Night) - Sequel
16.SHINE (Excerpt) - Oren Ambarchi, Pilia, Massimo Pupillo (Aithein) - Karl Records
17.SHINING WAVES - Angelina Yershova (Piano Abyss) - Twin Paradox
18.GOING PLACES #15 - Jonty Harrison (Voyages) - DIGITALes
19.SPARSENESS GAVE WAY TO INFINITE - Pierce Warnecke (Memory Fragments) - Room40
20.APPROACHING NOTHING (Excerpt) - Lawrence English (Approaching Nothing) - Baskaru Karu
21.KINGS NEVER SLEEP - Stian Westerhus (Amputation) - House Of Mythology