Sendung vom 03.01.2017 (22:00 - 00:00 Uhr)


Mittlerweile hat es Tradition zum Jahresbeginn: Noisemusik und Geräusche bei den KlangWelten auf eldoradio*

Mit Lasse Marhaug, Intona Rumori Orchestra, Keiji Haino, Jérôme Noetinger, Neil Young Cloaca und vielen mehr...


01.REDUCTION - Sighting Absolutes (S.T.)

02.GOODNIGHT CIVILISATION - Zu (Goodnight Civilisation)

03.WHO IS MAKING THE TIME ROT - Nazoranai (The Most Painful Time Happens Only Once Has It Arrived Already...?

04.DREAM, SCUM, TRUE !! - Sun Kich (Lucky Mountain Hey !!!!!!!!!!)

05.PULLED PUNCH, DRIBBLED - Bromp Treb (Concession Themes)


07.NOTHING 13 - Milford Graves (Percussion Ensemble)

08.HOLES, PARTS MISSING - Eli Keszler (Last Signs Of Speed) - Empty Editions

09.DIMI-1 - Erkki Kurenniemi (Rules)

10.L'EPREUVE PAR LE SON - Francois Bayle (L'Expérience Acoustique)

11.#19 - Peter Ablinger (Weiss / Weisslich)

12.LIFT - Carlos Giffoni (The Absence Of Essence)

13.RECYCLING - Christian Bouchard (Broken Ground) - DIGITALes

14.SIDE A - Geoff Mullen (Filtered Water)

15.MEASUREMENT OF NOISE - Rafael Toral (Violence Of Discovery And Calm Of Acceptance)

16.SIDE 2 - Jester N (Le Retour Des Oiseaux)

17.IM HERZEN DER MASCHINE - N.U.Unruh (Euphorie im Zeitalter der digitalen Informationsübertragung)

18.SIDE 2 - Jérôme Noetinger & SEC_ (Testacoda)

19.RIMES - Henri Pousseur (Early Experimental Electronic Music 1954-72)

20.RUSSOLO PHONE - Intonarumori Orchestra (Luigi Russolo's Art Of Noises)

21.TIM SLUP - Claus van Bebber & Helmut Lemke (S.T.)

22.SIDE A - Brown Noise / Cynthia Zaven / Merzbow (Yokomono 03.5)

23.YELLOW MOUNTAIN FUR PEAK - Jazkamer (Chestnut Thornback Tar)

24.WAKING EXTIRPATION - Indignant Senility (Consecration Of The Whipstain)